The Glamorous Gala - celebration of the termination of project at St. Mary’s Castle Church Complex in Malbork

The Glamorous Gala on the termination of conservation and restoration works in the Complex of the St. Mary’s Castle Church took place at the Malbork Castle Museum on April 17th. Read more →

Press Conference at the Malbork Castle Museum

On 6 April 2016 a press conference was held in newly restored interiors of St. Mary’s Castle Church in Malbork. Read more →

Reburial at St. Anne’s Chapel

On March 16th at 10.30 am at St. Anne’s Chapel the reburial of the remains of several Malbork Jesuits as well as some members of noble Rexin Family (the Malbork starosts) took place. Read more →

The Transportation of The Cross to The St. May’s Castle Church in Malbork

Yesterday after the conservation treatment the historic crucifix from the gothic crucifixion group returned to the North wall of the Castle Church. Read more →

The Challenges of Cultural Tourism in Prospect of Termination of the Conservation and Restoration Works at the Complex of St. Mary’s Castle Church in Malbork

On behalf of the Castle Museum in Malbork, we are pleased to announce, that on 29 January 2016 another scientific symposium will be held in “Karwan” conference centre, within the framework of project "Conservation and restoration works carried out at the complex of St. Mary’s Castle Church in Malbork”, co-funded by the fundings obtained from the programme “Conservation and Revitalisation of Cultural and Natural Heritage” under the EEA Grants and Norway Grants 2009 – 2014. Read more →

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